This is a profession that is deeply related to people's life-styles. It is widely knowledgeable in producing a living environment that accommodates their desired life-styles.
What is Life-Style Planner?
What is Life-Style Planner Certification Program? Work of a Life-Style Planner (LSP) is to provide more comfortable houses, by promoting better quality of life and living standards, in the house industry. Imported houses are particularly known for their performance and design, so it is important for LSP to convey these advantages in their clients' residence; interior and in the gardens.
There was a growing need in the market for professionals who can help produce housing to live in according to their individual life-styles. In 1998, the Life-Style Planner certification program was started to fill this need. This LSP certification program is created and managed by Imported House Industrial Organization, with guidelines given by the METI (Ministry of Economy, Technologies and Industries). LSP's major role is to promote higher living standards seen in Europe and North America, by fully understanding their housing, and by proposing these plans to their clients.
What do Life-Style Planners do?
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